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Environment Policies

      Protection of the environment is one of the fundamental policies of TSHI. Each employee of TSHI is expected to comply with applicable environmental laws of Thailand, and locality where business is conducted with our Customer. TSHIs policy with respect to compliance with applicable environmental laws applies to all aspects of the operations of each Project, including but not limited to plant operations, jobsite activities, and transportation of gases and other materials.

Responsibility for compliance with this policy rests with the Project Manager within jobsite. It is the responsibility of each Project Manager to:

☐  Identify and understand the requirement of the environmental laws and regulations that apply to the operations of each project;

☐  Regularly assess the current level of compliance of each site with respect to applicable environmental laws and regulations;

☐  Ensure that the operations of jobsite are performed within the applicable laws and regulations and that such business unit has obtained all required permits and licenses to conduct such operations;

☐  Follow procedures and systems, and where needed, designate responsible personnel or engage third party services to respond to any environmental emergency or incident and to both monitor and ensure compliance with the environmental laws and regulations;

☐  Respond to any spill or emission incident, which may violate any Customer requirement or regulation;

☐  Notify, as required by law or regulation, the designated governmental authorities; and, Advise management personnel of any problems associated with the compliance of Project with TSHI's policy with respect to this area.

      There are potentially significant health and safety risks to TSHI employees and to the public, as well as potential enormous cleanup, which may result from improper use, storage, handling, transportation, or disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous substances which result in any pollution of the land, air or water. TSHI requires its employees not only to obey environmental laws to prevent pollution, but also to demand and ensure compliance from others with whom TSHI does business, such as subcontractors or waste haulers, whose violations could result in liability to TSHI. Equally, it is the legal and ethical responsibility of TSHI to prevent its own violations, which could lead to the impositions of liability on the customers of TSHI. TSHI expects every employee, regardless of the employees position within TSHI, to maintain a sensitivity to environmental issues as they affect the work place for which the employee may be responsible or where the employees position is located and to act to minimize adverse effects in this critical area affecting TSHI's business.